Rye Harbour Sailability (RHS) is run by volunteers who work hard to raise funds to cover the charity’s costs.

This involves putting on events, such as dinners, auctions, murder mystery evenings, race nights and filling in funding application forms. In June 2020 RHS received funding from People’s Postcode Trust so we could purchase our second Sailability boat, a Drascombe Lugger. Huge thanks to everyone who plays People’s Postcode Lottery for making this possible.

Last year after two years of intense fundraising we raised enough money to purchase our rescue boat, Sea Rush. Which was delivered just before the lockdown, but since then our Coxswain, David Tomkinson has managed to get at least 6 hours out of 20 hours running in time needed for the engine.

We do need funds to keep the charity running but we also need volunteers. Rye Harbour Sailability cannot operate successfully without volunteers to help with the running of the charity and the organisation of the sailing.

If you want to come and join our friendly team, here are some of the ways you can help.

  • with the day to day running of the charity’s administration including Data Protection management, the secretarial role, acting as a Safeguarding Officer
  • sitting on the committee and sharing good ideas
  • using your RYA qualification as a helmsman to sail Luey a specially adapted Sport 16 dinghy and our new Drascombe Lugger
  • crewing on either of the dinghies
  • crewing on the Safety Boat
  • helping to raise Funds
  • helping in the galley

Rye Harbour Sailability will arrange training for our volunteer crews and helms and the rescue boat, as well as providing disability awareness training, health and hygiene and first aid courses.

If you would like to get involved in volunteering your time and skills to the charity please contact

David Tomkinson and Kerry Phillips accept a generous donation of £200 from Jempsons Foundation at the Peasmarsh store

Rye Harbour Sailability 100 Club

Sail into success and join our Lottery

Why not encourage family and friends to support our charity and join the Rye Harbour Sailability 100 Club. Subscription is £60 a year per number and is payable 12 months in advance online, or by annual or monthly Bank Standing Order, or Bank Transfer. If paying monthly the sum will be £5 per month and will need to be received by the 1st of each month. There are 3 prizes drawn each month which increase as the membership increases

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